April 4, 2017

Web Development

A website may be the first interaction point between the client and the company. The client may form a certain opinion about your company based on your website. Therefore, it is important to pay utmost attention to how your website looks and whether it reflects your brand, services and offerings.

Creating a successful website is not solely technical programming or coding, but combination of UI-UX, proper development platform selection, Database structuring and Rigorous testing.

A Website Is More Than A Digital Business Card

Our in-house web development experts develop more than pretty websites. We work with our clients to identify objectives and design your site according to your goals. We guarantee your new website will have a style and structure that is directly related to your purpose and target audience. And we always guarantee that the technology that comes along with it will be cutting-edge.At Career Studio, we recognize this and work towards building reliable and robust web solutions for our clients.

Web Design ServicesOur creative designers will always offer you something beautiful and original, no matter whether you prefer a classic design or a modern style, something complicated or simple, straightforward or extremely advanced. .
Here, at Career studio, we have invented a magic formula to produce unique website design concepts, each of which can be a real masterpiece of art.You can be 100% confident that your cooperation with Career Studio will not only make you happy with your front end design but the entire design process will bring you a lot of excitement!

Responsive Web Design

We are designing mobile-ready responsive websites since last few years and we keep upgrading ourselves with latest trends.

Better Navigation
Sitemap & navigation bar are very important factors of web designing. Better the navigation, easier it is to find information on the website. This helps user a lot & considered a very good user experience.

Typography & Icons
Fonts used on website speak a lot about you and your business. Moreover, better readability keeps end-user on your website for more time. Even icons used on website are important and they should not get stretched on any resolution

Sliders & Banners
Slider on home page of website can be used to highlight your services, products or key points. We use sliders & banners effectively in our website designs so that you can impress your visitors in first sight.

Web Development Services
Web development means the backend of a site; it deals with html-coding and programming. Our skillful developers can create effective solutions in all kinds of programming languages, work with various server software and with any databases. Professional html-coders pay the greatest attention to writing clean, light-weight and search engine friendly code for your site to give it a great start.
Competent web development is what makes the heart of your site beat fast and ensures its long lifetime and high productivity. First impressions are half the battle; and powerful functionality of your site makes you the final winner!

Fast Performance
We have PHP, MySQL experts who optimize the performance and develop websites that perform fast. We focus on the performance of website when developing the functionality. At the same time, we develop websites quickly

Easy Contact Forms
Contact form is most important part of the business website and it should be easy to use, access & search. We develop smart & secure contact forms that would increase your conversion rate and maximize your profit

Search Engine Friendly
We develop search engine friendly websites. Websites developed by us has more chances of getting ranked better in search engines. Inbound marketing is now the best way to win new customers. And SEO is best way of digital marketing.

Ready To Scale-up
We use frameworks which will help you optimize your website’s performance. At the same time we keep in mind the future of your website & web application. Websites developed by us are completely ready for scaling up anytime.


Career Studio has a team of Web developers who have experience in professional website development according to client’s custom needs  with an aim to best serve our clients, our talented developers leverage their skills and knowledge in creating magnificent websites.

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