February 7, 2017


  •  Why VMware as Career?

  VMware Certification benefits, analysis and comparisons get very easy and prominent. VMware is leading the way in the transformation of IT infrastructure from physical equipment and devices to a virtual, software-defined solution. This transformation requires IT student’s possess the knowledge and skills needed for jobs in the new IT world and to have a successful career.

What is VMware ICM v6.5 ?

VMware vSphere leverages the power of virtualization to transform data centers into simplified cloud computing infrastructures and enables IT organizations to deliver flexible and reliable IT services. VMware vSphere virtualizes and aggregates the underlying physical hardware resources across multiple systems and provides pools of virtual resources to the datacenter. As a cloud operating system, VMware vSphere manages large collections of infrastructure (such as CPUs, storage, and networking) as a seamless and dynamic operating environment, and also manages the complexity of a datacenter.

VMware ICM v6.5 Course Outline

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