March 9, 2017

Recruitment Service

Career Studio based excels in providing highly qualified and experienced professionals for Senior, Middle and Junior Management Level. Our experts with vast experience are well proficient in understanding company needs, and providing candidates with relevant experience and skills to match your requirements and company goals because if our clients are benefited then we will grow with them.

Placing right professionals into the right positions is the key to achieving outstanding business and career development results whether it is technical experts, project managers, energy boosting HR professionals, Industry leaders or innovative college pass out youths. And thus Career Studio FOCUS on Win-Win situation for all concerned. We are committed to provide the most qualified, flexible and skilled talent in the industries like telecom, IT, manufacturing, Banking, finance, Engineering consultancies and high end product manufacturers. It is all to enhance our client’s workforce productivity and Offer employment and staffing solutions.

Career Studio committed to build outstanding work Force for our clients to compete in the global market. With our industry expertise, we understand that today’s company require more than a skilled candidate, they reach for employees who are highly productive, possess a positive attitude and have the capability to become a member of their Organization & we help them to fulfill the same.

We offer a high quality solution for the next step in your career or your next contract.We will take you through your next career move or contract step by step, keeping you up to date and offering advice throughout the whole process. We have long-standing relationships with many of our clients, meaning that we give you the best possible chance of securing a role.We work closely with our candidates and aim to provide them with challenging, diverse, balanced and financially rewarding opportunities.

  • Our recruitment process is professional and ethical
  • We never present your details to our client without your written permission
  • We provide you with all the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding opportunities
  • We communicate in a timely and open manner during the application, interview and feedback process
  • We value the trust you place in us with your career and we respect your confidentiality

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