February 18, 2017


Management Training Courses

No matter if you’re new to the role or an experienced manager, we’ve got a course for you
Open courses for new managers and those that have had no formal training through to those
with lots of experience  who want to improve and develop their skills

Essential Management Skills
This course is for you if you are new to management or have had no formal training.It covers all
of the fundamentals skills that you will need to become more effective in your role.From
understanding your role as a manager and being an effective coach through to
understanding how to manage your team’s performance and developing them as individuals
this course will provide you with the skills that you need.

Advanced Management Skills
The course is ideal if you are looking to take your management skills to the next level. You’ve most likely been a manager for a number of years and have attended basic management courses in the past.
This course looks at how you can develop your emotional intelligence and advanced communication skills as well as how to “manage upwards” by making the most of your relationship with your own line manager.

Why Career studio?

Here’s 7 great reason to choose Career studio as your training partner

Reason # 1 – Customized Training

We Will Design And Deliver A Custom Designed Solution Centered Around Your Training Needs And Requirements.

We offer a comprehensive service whereby you are able to discuss your training requirements with a dedicated training expert who has the knowledge and the experience to design a custom made event that will completely meet your needs and objectives.

We also offer a variety of pre-course assessments about the specific training requirements of your delegates, as well as post-course resources and evaluations covering what they have taken away from the training as well as gathering feedback about their training experience.

Most organisations are under pressure to determine the effectiveness of their training events and we are positive that your company is not an exception, therefore we offer a range of tools and assessments, including a 360° in-house evaluation system that will enable you to answer the question “Did the training work?”

Reason # 2 – Outstanding Feedback

Our Courses Are Rated 9.2 Out Of 10 On Our Feedback Forms And 100% Of Our Clients Say That They Would Use Us Again – Your Staff Will Be In Safe Hands!

The proof of the pudding is always in the eating as they say and we are very proud of the standards and quality that we set for our training and consultancy services.

Therefore, we are delighted that our hard work and commitment to excellence has been evident in the feedback that we receive from our clients and delegates. So much so, that after delivering thousands of days-worth of training each and every year for the past several years, our courses are rated on average 9.2 out of 10 across 8 different criteria that range from how relevant the training was and whether it was pitched at the right level through to the presentation skills of the trainer and the variety of the techniques that they used.

We aim to keep raising the bar and setting higher and higher standards in the world of training and development.

Reason # 3 – Hand Selected Trainer

We Supply Only The Very Best Trainers For Your Event. We Will Select The Trainer That Has The Highest Skill Level And Experience Relative To Your Requirements. Our Trainers Are Specialists In Their Fields – This Means That Your Staff Receive The Very Highest Standards Of Training Content And Delivery.

Only the very best trainers will facilitate your event.

Each of them have been hand selected based upon their skills and experience, their standing in the industry, the range of alternative delivery methods that they have and also on their ability to deliver compelling, vibrant, fun and effective courses.

We believe that learning should be fun and effective. When the two go hand in hand you create a powerful learning experience that will remain with the delegates way beyond the actual event itself.

We adopt a policy of continuous improvement with all of our trainers.

We invest heavily in all of our trainer’s skills, abilities and in the very latest learning and development techniques to ensure that our courses remain cutting edge at all times.

Reason # 4 – Unrivaled Post Course Support

Every Manager That Attends A Course Run By CAREER STUDIO  Will Receive Unlimited Post-Course Email & Telephone Support Whilst They Are Implementing The Techniques And Strategies That They Have Covered On The Course. After All, That’s When The Real Work Starts!

Something that we believe strongly in is the ability to help your delegates implement and develop the skills that they have learned into their everyday working lives.

To that end we offer unlimited amounts of post-course email and telephone support from your trainer and our team.

If any delegate needs some advice or guidance on a work related issue they can email or call us for some personal tuition, tips and techniques to use – this comes as standard with every course and there is no additional charge.

Our service level promise to you is to get back with some answers and advice within 24 hours – this is usually achieved a lot sooner and through a coaching call.

We will also give your managers access to our Online Management Academy which is full of videos, audios, cheat sheets, exercises and documents that will help to embed the learning and support them back in the workplace.

Reason # 5 – Great Value For Your Money

We Offer You Great Value For Money

This provides incredible value for money especially when you bear in mind that the cost includes:

  • All of the preparation time required in order to gather your requirements and to get an understanding of your training needs.
  • The time and expertise required to design and develop your bespoke course
  • The delivery of your event by a highly experienced and specialised trainer
  • Top quality course materials, manuals, handouts, assessments etc
  • Lifetime unlimited email and telephone support after the course
  • Access to our online management academy to help embed the learning
  • Providing feedback on the success of the event and on individual training development needs
  • Course certificates

From the list above you can see that we offer amazing value for money.

Running an in-house event based upon the same training needs is very cost effective for you and your company and saves you time, energy and a lot of money in sending delegates to open courses separately.

As a general rule of thumb if you have 3 or more staff with the same training you will save money by running an in-house event.

Reason # 6 – Risk Reversal

Our Delivery Methods Will Ensure That Your Event Is A Success Or Don’t Pay Us
Learning is all about remembering.

To make our courses and the content memorable for all of our delegates, we use a wide variety of delivery techniques. These techniques are specifically designed to enable our delegates to have an enjoyable learning experience, one that will remain with them long after the event itself.

Attend one of our courses; then implement and use the strategies that you will learn and if you do not see measurable, tangible results in your performance then we do not deserve to keep your money – we will give you a full refund. Our payment terms are 30 days after the event so you would not have paid us anyhow!

No other company offers such an iron clad, results based guarantee – but they should!

Reason # 7 – Brain Friendly Learning Techniques

We Don’t Do Talk & Chalk!

Instead, we use a wide variety of learning techniques to ensure that the learning sticks. This includes discussions, case studies, accelerated learning techniques, action learning, brainstorming, role-plays, facilitation, kaizen, NLP and a whole host of other strategies that will engage with your managers.

In-House Training

Management training courses designed around your EXACT REQUIREMENTS and delivered at a location and time of your choice!

We can help your managers to:

  • Make the transition from being “managers” into “leaders”
  • Tackle performance issues more effectively like lateness and poor performance
  • Motivate and build their teams into high performing units
  • Coach and develop their staff regularly and consistently
  • Lead and implement your aggressive change agenda
  • Plan out and manage their time and their workloads more effectively
  • Delegate work in an empowering way
  • Improve their communication and soft skills – working with others to achieve results
  • Handle conflict in an appropriate manner
  • Improve bottom line performance measures like sales, service and satisfaction
  • Chair team meetings so that they finish on time with actionable output.

Our Approach

I have got some in-house training requirements, now what?

To give you an idea of what happens after you have made an initial enquiry here is the process that we follow from your initial training requirement through to the completion of your programme.

Think about what you would like in your course and what skills you would like us to cover.

Call us, email us or complete our online form with what you would like to accomplish and achieve with your training event.

We may ask for some further information from you and then we will design a course or programme that is centred around your needs for you to review.

Once you are happy with the proposal and that MTD are the company for you we will schedule and book your training event.

Your course will be delivered by a highly skilled and experienced trainer who specialises in the training requirements that you are after.

To enable you to determine the effectiveness of the training we will report back on the feedback from the course and we can also provide feedback on individuals that can then be used to help their ongoing development.

Was the training worth it? That is a question that many organisations are under pressure to answer. If the needs be, we can help you to determine the success and effectiveness of your training by reviewing the progress of the delegates throughout the course, immediately after the event and also ongoing at regular intervals – all as part of the service.

After the course has been delivered the real work starts! This is when your staff will be implementing what they have learnt. Each delegate will have unlimited lifetime access to their trainer through email and the telephone for any help, guidance or advice that they might need

What is the process?

All you need to do is provide us with what you want to achieve or tell us about the training requirements of the group and we will produce a course proposal for you along with the costs.

What makes us unique is that every manager who attends the course will receive unlimited amounts of email and telephone support from their course leader. This means that they can ask for some personal advice and tips whilst implementing what they have covered on the course. After all, it’s after the course where the real work starts!

Get In Touch!

If you have got some training requirements in mind please call us on 020-25891611 or mail us on outsource@careerstudio.co.in and we’ll get back to you with some options and costs.