March 8, 2017

How to improve Management Skills

Every professional deals with short or long-term uncertainty. Only the strongest one will survive in either of the scenarios. For this, it is essential, that the person has good management skills. Management plays a vital role in building a relationship between an employee and a manager. These skills are required for the growth of any career or business. Some of the important steps that one needs to follow in order to understand the importance of management skills are:

  • Understanding the basic idea of management
  • Evaluating yourself in the role of a manager
  • Identifying the need for developing good management skills
  • Designing and implementing a proper management plan
  • Evaluating and updating your own management plan.

Ways to improve Management Skills

After a person knows the importance of management skills, the next thing is to develop the management skills within, so that it can help in the betterment of the organization also.Some of the ways that can help in developing good management skills include:

Online Management

In today’s technological world, internet is one of the most important tools or the best answer to all your queries. One can make use of the information or the data that is available online. One can also induce in the online management programs, that help in developing the management skills effectively, sitting at one place. The e-books are another option that a person can read. As there are various e-books available about the management skills.

Attend Courses

When we have to learn anything new, we often engage ourselves in courses. There are different institutes that offer courses, in which they teach about how to learn and apply good management skills. Hence, this can be one of the effective ways to develop efficient management skills.

Reading Literatures or Observing Others

Literatures or novels are a great way to read as well as learn. Novels or literatures contain the stories of various people who have applied the management skills effectively in their past. This gives an idea to the person, so as how to develop and implement these skills. Another aspect is observation. Observing others, make us learn more rapidly than by doing it ourselves at the starting. Thus, observation can lead to the development of better management skills. Some managers inspire, some motivate and some of the others fail miserably to communicate with their employees. All this is a result of the good or bad management skills. We have enlisted some of the ways that help in the development of good management skills in your organization.

Making Effective Managers

An effective manager understands his responsibility and makes sure that each individual or the team under him works effectively. Successful managers require both talent as well as skills. These skills can be developed by training the employees, mentoring them effectively and doing everything with a desired amount of experience.

Teaching Communication Skills

Communication is the only way of conversation between the manager and the employees. A manager, who communicates well, is able to instruct his employees properly and listens patiently to all the queries of his employees. Another important communication skill is to teach the manager in such a way that he is able to decipher and relate the company’s vision to the employee’s in a precise and effective manner.

Expanding the leadership Skills

Leadership is one such quality that every manager needs to learn. It can be in both a positive and a negative manner. Whereas, it is a pivotal characteristic that a manager lacks despite his capability. It is a commonly practiced thing in any organization, that there is a promotion of employees when they perform well in the organization. However, it is not important that a person, who is performing well in a particular domain, can become an effective manager. Only the true leaders are able to inculcate the trust, provide direction and delegate responsibility among the members of the organization.

Encourage Adaptability

Adaptability is also one of the most important factors that contribute in the effectiveness of an organization. This can be explained, for example, if a manager is capable of adjusting quickly to the unexpected circumstances, then he will definitely lead the other people in his team to do the same. This is a gesture of good management skills.

Fostering Interpersonal Skills

An efficient manager should try to build the desired personal relationship with his employees. This is because employees do much better when they have full trust in their managers. Employees feel that they are being valued and as a result, valued employees will perform much better than the others will.
A good manager knows how to cultivate talent in the individual and then motivating them to make use of their talent to increase the productivity. Thus, it is essential to have good interpersonal skills in order to have efficient management skills.

Promoting Personal Growth

A good manager will always be aware of his personal development. In addition, to be successful and make development effective, he or she needs to improve on the areas where they are lacking. Moreover, a person or a manger should always be willing to learn and make use of the natural talent. The attitude will do the same for his employees and this will help in development of his personal growth as well.

A manager can have good management skills in many ways. Now, when you are clear about what is needed to be a good manager and what are the various ways that help in the development of good management skills, the next step is to know what the different management skills are. There are different types of management skills that a manager needs to know. Some of the most proficient management skills involve:

Leadership and People Management Skills

The basic aim behind the leadership and people management skills is to attain, retain, motivate, coach and develop the various team members for higher performance in the organization. This involves knowing the nature of each of the employees in the organization since this helps the manager to understand his employees in a much better way. Only then a leader can lead them through the path of success.

Communication Skills

Communication Skills are the foundation of any business. It is so because until and unless there is proper communication between the employees and manager, no task can be accomplished in a best manner. Nature of good communication can be identified in understanding each other’s perspective. For better management skills, it is vital to communicate in an efficient manner. One must frame the strategies in such a way that it helps the other person to understand them easily. Thus, to be an effective communicator in the organization, information should be conveyed in such a manner that it reaches equally between the managers and the employees.

Collaboration Skills

These are some of the specific ways in which the employees are expected to behave in order to achieve the organization’s norms. In addition, after the norms have been developed, these skills are assessed, prioritized and taught. This is a kind of management skill, where employees will work in collaboration, only then management can be done properly. Some of the ways to have good collaboration skills include:

  • Begin a conversation yourself
  • Ask for Help
  • Give and Accept a Compliment
  • Accept Criticism in a Positive Manner
  • Avoiding Trouble with Others and many more

Business Management Skills

Business management includes all sorts of organizational and business resources. Building the business management skills involve management of money, time and people as well. The proper prioritizing and scheduling of tasks leads to successful outcome in the future. Another skill under business management is to know, how to properly buy, sell and estimating the price of things. Thus, building good business management skills involves everything from planning, commanding and right up to being the spokesperson for your enterprise. Some of the skills that are needed for better business management include:

People Skills

A business manager needs to have great people skills for the efficient management of human resources. A good manager must be able to bring the best out of his team. There are people who are rigid, and are difficult to deal with. Here, the effective business manager needs to deal peacefully, so that effective business management can take place.


Yet another effective managerial skill involves creating and maintaining an open atmosphere for the team. The members of a group or the team must feel free to express their views and be assured that they are being heard. By this way, everyone will have a point of contact and each person will be approachable to some other.


It is one of the most important skills that a business manager needs to have. It is always expected from him that he identifies the trouble well before time. Only in this way can he help to reduce the loss in future. Henceforth, these were some of the business management skills.

Finance Management Skills

The financial managers supervise and direct the financial activities in an organization. Better finance management skills involve management of the accounting process in an organization and making the right financial decisions for the company that will help it to prosper in future. An efficient finance manager needs appropriate education, experience, skills and qualities that helps him in better finance management in the organization.

Project Management Skills

Project management involves planning and managing successful projects, managing risks, costs, time and the project teams. To be a successful project manager, it is necessary to have some important skills that include:

  • Scheduling – The major part of project management involves making a complete and successful project plan that helps in hitting the right target in right time.
  • Resource Allocation – The resources must be allocated in such a way that there is proper scheduling of tasks. An efficient project manager must be the one who negotiates with the other people, so that they are available at the right time to work on the projects at right time.
  • Risk Management – There are times when things go wrong on projects. It is important to act in a calm way when there are problems in any of the tasks. Sitting around and debating every time will not help in reaching out to a conclusion or in finding the right solution for the same. Thus, a good project manager needs to resolve all the risks skillfully.
  • Budgeting – Every project costs money, in addition to the time invested in it. The project managers have to keep a track of their own budgets and expenses in addition to the company’s finances. Thus, budgeting is one of the most important things in project management.

Time Management Skills

Time management helps in the achievement of bigger goals and converting them into smaller and feasible tasks. It helps in better growth of the organization. Strong, time management skills help in completing the desired tasks in a stipulated period. An efficient manager will give his employees a well laid out project schedule which will help effective time management and proper balancing of tasks. Even if you read or go through the biographies of successful leaders, there is one thing that is common between all, which is good time management. In addition, as they say, early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Thus, performing the work in time will always help in getting better results.

Apart from these management skills, skills like emotional intelligence, critical thinking, motivation, inspiration and feedback will help in proper management or better management skills. Thus, good management skills are critical for optimum performance and cohesion of the team. In order to make a planned mindset for the employees and ensuring best results, only a person with good managerial skills can see their strong areas and work on the weaknesses to ensure better results in the future. This will be beneficial for both the employee as well as the manager.