February 10, 2017

Freelance Project

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Why freelance job @ career studio?

Freelance input has been an active part of the agency life for many decades and it still is. But what are the realities of choosing freelance as a career?
As a freelancer, you get to work wherever you like, schedule your own hours and accept gigs from the clients or projects that interests you. And, in most cases, when you actually have met with a client, theses are typically one-on-one meetings and not a large conference room setting.

In the ever-growing world of freelancers, you need to stand out from the crowd and put your best foot forward if you want to claim those jobs and clients.Freelancing permits you to be your individual boss. This means you make your individual hours. Where you do what you want.
Freelancing does not mean loafing around all day. It means having the self-discipline to set aside a certain quantity of hours that you work every day. However, as a boss, you get to resolve what those hours are. Being a freelancer is mostly about the freedom of doing the work you like to do without having the need to go out and face all the difficulties and work under pressure. You save time by doing freelance and sometimes it can be more rewarding than a full time job.

Freelancing jobs are provided to all the categories of people who wish to work for an organization part time/full time. Freelancing jobs are mostly taken up by the trainers, personal counselor, students who need finance during their education. It includes even homemakers, retired person etc etc.
Sometimes students are unable get right counseling due to distance or due to their schedule so we @ Career Studio appoint the freelance counselor to go and counsel or the counseling is done over phone.Career Studio also provides for outsourcing of the reports and calling homemakers who have time to do work and to those who wish to do work as their hobby to further utilise their time for some resourceful work where they can get an extra income.

The following are the assurities that career studio provides:

  1. On time payment
  2. Continuous availability of work
  3. No working under pressure
  4. Dedicated staff for all types of doubts solving while you are working on our projects.
  5. We provide an extra ordinarily quick response system where we solve all your doubts within 24 hours by e-mails, instantly through phone and chat support.
  6. Ease of working at your own sweet time.


  1. Flexible hours
  2. Control over jobs and clients
  3. Work wherever you want
  4. You are the boss
  5. You keep all the profits
  6. You learn every aspect of running a business
  7. Excellent opportunity for advancement
  8. Learning through work
  9. No address code required

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Or you can drop your resume to jobs@careerstudio.co.in