March 31, 2017


Counselling Center @ Pune for both adults and children”

The Counselling Center was conceptualized to provide a safe place for change and growth. We hope to ease such transitions, assist in envisioning goals and encourage children and adults in achieving them.
At the Counselling Center, we provide children and adults the vision, knowledge and skills to deal with stresses that life presents us with. Be it our child’s performances in school, happiness in life, a better relationship with spouse or change in career, our client’s goals become ours. We believe in solution focused and result oriented work and ensure that changes in life are perceived as growth and not stress; as a victory, not a setback.

Children Counselling

Counselling support is provided by talk, play and art therapy which are proven methods of treating problems faced by children. In this sort of therapy, children express themselves symbolically through art and play and thus communicate their conscious and unconscious feelings and experiences. Helping them to cope with such feelings and teaching them strategies to deal effectively, thus reducing anxiety and stress.

Counselling children can resolve wide issues such as Behavioral Problems, Academic Problems, Anger, Emotional Problems, Bullying.

Career Studio brings a step by step solution to your problems. The biggest challenge that children nowadays face is to score good marks in examination and to get the cut off for admission into colleges of their choice. A survey by WHO states that more than 14000 students commit suicide every year in India. Some children and parents are not able to handle their failure in this competitive world. For every student the most important asset is his memory, which helps him store, memorize and recall everything that he has studied. However, memorizing and recalling are not easy tasks. To make it stress free, Career Studio brings your way a technique which helps a child become more efficient.
However excellent marks are not 100% solution to all the problems. Memorizing and recalling are not easy tasks. Youngsters need to be absolutely sure about which career options they want to choose in India. We are very talented but confused youth. Students need to know where their talent and capabilities really lie. To help you to understand the same, Career Studio introduce Counselling for kids using ultimate techniques.
Just when you as parents understand your child’s inborn strengths and weakness, you might at the same time be keen about knowing their acquired talents and capabilities from the surroundings and the environment. To help you to understand, Career Studio gives you PSYCHOMETRIC Techniques.

‘Every child has potential to thrive’

At our center :

We build that foundation. We believe that intellectual abilities can be taught.

Our services help to build a strong academic foundation

  • Is your child having difficulty to learn?
  • Is he/she losing confidence in his academic ability?
  • Do you feel he/ she is having difficulty in concentration?
  • Is he/ she behind others in the class?
  • Do you feel silly mistakes is a problem?
  • Do you as a parent feel he/she needs to develop some core skills to make him succeed?

So do come for a session to us and we can guide you.

Our aim:

To target the foundations of the thinking process of your child so that get a more holistic education to succeed at studying.


  • Builds competence, performance and self-esteem in a child.
  • Learning is an important part of your life. Wouldn’t you like to be sure what your child is doing it right?

We provide a very supportive and non-judgmental environment to your child so as to facilitate easy sharing. Children feel happier after speaking to us and they are able to resolve their issues in a better manner. In some cases, our child psychologists help children to do well at school or college and get better with friends and family.

Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling is a process of providing assistance, guidance, help, etc. to the marital partners in an effort to recognize and to better manage or reconcile troublesome differences and repeating patterns of distress. It gives individuals the chance to talk about their issues in a confidential manner.
There are many reasons why relationships become strained. Often people come for counselling when things have reached crisis point. The sooner you can recognize there is a problem, the better. Maybe things have been great for a long time, but now don’t feel the same and you can’t understand why your relationship has always had difficulties and these have become too painful to bear.  Sometimes it’s hard to talk, you never get time or if you try, it always ends in an argument so basically issues never get resolved and resentment builds. You may be facing a dilemma, such as whether or not to separate and how this will affect your children. You may have issues relating to your sexuality, have difficulty forming relationships or are struggling to come to terms with a relationship that has ended. Professional counselling can help resolve these issues

Advantages of Marriage Counselling

  • There is an informal collaborative discussion facilitated by a professionals
  • You have the control of the outcome
  • It is a private, confidential process
  • There is an opportunity to create agreements on issues as well as love and affection
  • It is a way to avoid bigger conflicts
  • It is much less expensive than court battles
  • Builds goodwill amongst the family and repair relationships
  • It is a intelligent, wiser way to resolve conflicts

Psychological Counselling

Psychological Counselling aims to help people manage their difficulties and transform personal problems into their own personal growth. People usually come to psychological counselling when talking to friends and families proves not to be enough. Having someone to talk to who is not directly involved in your particular circumstances can make a real difference. This service provides assistance to help people sort out their problems, be it of personal or emotional nature or related to adjustment in a different environment.

Stress Counselling

Stress is an individual reaction to demands from the self or from other individuals. The mind causes tension due to the inability of a person to deal effectively with these expectations. A counselor enables the individual to identify these internal expectations and thus reduce or avoid the pressure overload, which it manifests.

What Causes Stress?

Both positive and negative experiences and life transitions can lead to stress. The Holmes-Rahe Stress Inventory shows this by indexing common stressful events and using a numerical value to rank the events, using these values to determine a person’s potential to become ill as a result of stress. Some of the more frequent stresses in life,
most of which appear on the stress inventory, include:

  • Losing a job
  • Being discriminated against
  • Experiencing a change in financial status
  • Moving, beginning or ending school
  • Experiencing a loss
  • Being diagnosed with a serious illness

These events are generally considered to be normal parts of the life cycle. Not everyone will experience a divorce or marriage or have a child, but many will experience discrimination, lose a job, and experience other affecting events, whether major or minor. Stress will therefore be a part of most people’s lives, but it may be somewhat easier to manage when experienced in smaller amounts, especially when other factors help mitigate the stress.

The effects of stress on health

Few people will deny being stressed at least once in their lifetime, but for many, stress can be ongoing and unbearable. Chronic stress can contribute to a myriad of mental health and physical health issues. Research has linked high stress levels to:

  • Insomnia or hypersomnia
  • Reduced or increased appetite
  • Self-medicating with drugs or alcohol
  • Changes in mental health
  • Decreased productivity and enjoyment at work
  • Decreased intimacy
  • Migraine headaches
  • Chronic pain
  • Anger issues
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Decreased enjoyment in social activities
  • Heart attack and stroke

When these complaints occur as a result of stress, they may often clear up as the stressful situation is resolved. However, they can become serious and treatment from a doctor or mental health professional may often be necessary, especially if stress persists.

Career Counselling

It is a confidential and collaborative process in which you work with a career counselor who assists you in your educational and career decision-making. We listen to your concerns and  help you stay motivated and focused on your academic and career goals. We help you develop the skills required to manage your own career development whether you are considering entering the job market upon graduation or pursuing advanced studies.

Starting the career development process early, you may also avoid the sense of panic and urgency that is felt by some students that deal with these issues as they are graduating.
For mid career change, career counselling involves using the experience gained by the client in a given job as leverage for something bigger and better in the future.

Law Counselling

Counselling- considered as a talking therapy, is a process that allows a person to talk about their problems and feelings to a professional named, counselor. Counselling offers an opportunity to explore one’s thoughts such as anger, resentment, guilt, fear etc in a confidential environment. Counselling is aimed at helping one to understand what is going on and enable them to make their own choices, reach their own decisions and to act upon them accordingly.
Counselling is a confidential service and it can be done for different types of situations from education to rehabilitation. Different types of health conditions like anxiety, depression, drug misuse, eating disorders, long-term illnesses etc. can be treated with counseling. Counselors are trained individuals, able to cope with the personal and emotional issues of their clients. They can make out the inkling to depression and can help a client deal with any negative thoughts and feelings. A counselor uses different range of counseling approaches. During counselling, the counselor neither judges nor offers advice, but only gives their client an opportunity to express their feelings. The client can talk openly and freely to a counselor and both work together to come up with different ways to experience various situations.
A counselor works with people from all walks of life in varying ages from different family situations and culture. Whatever the situation may be, the goal of the counselor is to help clients gain self-awareness and create a better environment for themselves both emotionally and physically. A good counselor works along with their clients to find solution for their problems. Effective counseling reduces confusion and allows the client to make effective decisions leading to positive changes in their attitude and/or behavior.

Here we will discuss about the career as an Education/Career counselor which is becoming one of the most rewarding and respectable professions in India. It generally focus on issues such as career exploration, career change, personal career development and other career related issues. Career counseling helps students to select a course of study that may help them to get a job or make them employable. Educational/ Career Counselors provide career, college readiness, and personal/ social advice to children and adolescents. They help an individual to prepare for a particular career by identifying their unique interests, strengths, talents and help them find their best career path. exploration, career change, personal career development and other career related issues. Career counselling helps students to select a course of study that may help them to get a job or make them employable. Educational/ Career Counselors provide career, college readiness and personal/ social advice to children and adolescents. They help an individual to prepare for a particular career by identifying their unique interests, strengths, talents and help them find their best career path.

Educational Counselling

For a career in counseling, after 10+2 one can do their graduation in subjects like psychology, social work etc and can go for post graduation in counselling, life skill education or psychology from an accredited educational institution. Candidates who have Masters degree in any area are eligible to apply for Diploma Course in Counselling, but some institutes prefer students with psychology background. The duration of the course varies from 1- 2 years. Those having a graduation in Psychology can opt for PG Diploma Courses. Besides regular studies, most courses in counselling and guidance are also offered as part time as well as correspondence. Counselling courses cover almost every major area of career counselling through course notes, regular assignments, mock career counselling cum testing sessions and more. With these courses, one can acquire skills to help and guide people for coping with their educational, social or personal crisis.

Skills Needed

More than academic qualifications, counselors must possess high physical and emotional energy to handle the array of problems they address. The most important attributes needed for counselors are effective communication (both verbal and written), active listening and observation, clarification, reflection and effective questioning skills. Counselling is a job that requires a lot of patience, tolerance, sensitivity and devotion. They should have a strong interest in helping others, be sensitive and perceptive in assessing people and be able to inspire respect, trust, and confidence. A counselor needs to be empathetic, so that he can ask appropriate questions and lead the client to positive conclusions. They should be quite soft hearted to handle clients of every nature and kind. They should be able to work independently or as part of a team. Since privacy is essential for confidential and frank discussions with clients, counselors would need private offices.

Job Prospects and Career Options in Career Counselling

Plenty of job opportunities are available for career counselors as most students and adults seek help from these professionals to enable them to make good career choices. Career counselling involves exploring the students/ client’s aptitude, preferences and skills for a given career by evaluating their academic or other performances. A career counselor has to be a teacher, confidant and advisor to the clients. The major task and duty of a counselor depends on the individual they serve and the settings in which they work. A counseling session begins with a detailed examination of a student’s profile with special focus on his/ her academic background, strengths and weaknesses. Students come with a range of issues. Some may have an idea about what they want to do while others may not have any idea about the career pathway that they want to follow. Counselors guide students based on their grades, aptitude, other eligibility criteria and finances. By listening attentively and without passing judgment, they give students the opportunity to explore, discover and clarify how and why they feel as they do.

A career counselor can work in different kinds of settings like schools, colleges, universities, career guidance and counseling centers as well as do private practice. Career counselors can work with career information centers and conduct career education programs. Counselors offer services in the areas of aptitude and psychometric testing,  higher-education consultations and financial aid. They provide students the details of courses available in different institutes in and outside India, their entrance tests and the course fees. They can also specialise in employment and placement counseling to assist students with career development, in locating and applying for jobs. Internet has also opened new vistas for counselors, with features which facilitate online chat with the counselor.

Most prestigious schools have counselors to deal with the problems faced by students. Counselors working at the school level provide support to the student’s development and help them to understand and deal with their academic, social, behavioral and personal problems. They help students identify learning disorders or difficulties if any; evaluate their abilities, interests, talents and personality characteristics so that students can develop realistic academic and career goals. They also help students to develop the life skills needed to deal with problems before they occur, and thus enhance personal, social, and academic growth. Besides these, they try to identify cases involving domestic abuse and other family problems that can affect a student’s development. While dealing with the students, the counselor may also consult and work with the parents, teachers and school administrators.

We do e-counselling also

E-counseling or online counseling is a controversial form of psychological counseling that uses distance communication technologies to deliver a variety of mental health services including therapy, consultation or psycho-education. These services are provided by a certified specialist and can take place via telephone, e-mail, chat or videoconferencing.
E-counseling is suitable for people who are looking for guidance in solving everyday problems. For more severe conditions, specialists strongly recommend patients to seek conventional face-to-face therapy.

Goals of e-counseling

Psychological counseling via the internet is predominantly concerned with the normal development of individuals. This form of therapy seeks to help cope with everyday problems, such as work and life transitions. The goal is to empower the client by finding areas he can control and successfully manage. The emphasis lies on the client’s strengths rather than behavioral short-comings.

When is e-counseling Used?

Research so far suggests that e-counseling may benefit clients that don’t have access to face-to-face therapy, for instance people living in rural areas. The advantage of easy access can also prove useful for providing mental health services for people with disabilities or inmates who can’t leave the correctional facilities.
Another advantage of e-counseling is that it can offer support at the right moment. The patient can seek help exactly when he feels he needs professional counseling without having to wait for an appointment. Furthermore, by seeking treatment outside the therapist’s office, the client will feel less dependent. Online counseling is recommended for short-term treatments, self-help interventions and cognitive-behavioral treatments.
This form of counseling has been used in treating symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic, stress as well as relationship difficulties or academic concerns.

How e-counselling works

Online therapy has widely spread through various services on the Internet, e-counseling can be conducted on multiple platforms that can suit their needs.
Some psychotherapy clients can be more receptive to communicating with therapists via e-mail, especially when addressing issues that may be difficult to discuss face-to-face. People dealing with issues that have an element of risk such as addictions or phobias might find it more comforting to express their issues in writing.
People who prefer more interactive sessions can use videoconferencing.
The process varies from website to website. Most platforms that offer mental health services have a special section which offers detailed information regarding the way sessions are conducted.

Email Counselling

What are online e-mail consultations?

Online consultations provide therapeutic online sessions for personal and social issues via the web they are also called “Internet therapy”, “e-therapy”, and “cybercounselling, email therapy, e-counseling, and distance therapy.

How effective is on-line email therapy verses in-person therapy?
Online therapy has been proven to be effective in many cases. Many issues can be discussed and worked on in this format in the same manner as we would in-person, but through email counselling.

How do I initiate an email session?

Email counselling sessions are pre-paid here by purchasing a block of emails.

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