September 13, 2017










Amazon AWS Training Content

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate/Professional/DevOps

Course Overview

  • What Is AWS
  • Understanding the Core Services of AWS
  • Enhancing Your App with AWS Databases and Application Services
  • Harnessing the Power of AWS from the Command Line to Code
  • Understanding Virtual Networking on AWS
  • In-depth VPC Configuration
  • Working with Security Groups and NACLs
  • Understanding and Configuring VPC Access
  • EC2 Instance Types
  • Installing Ubuntu Linux and CentOS Linux
  • Installing and Updating Docker
  • Major Docker Components
  • A Closer Look at Images and Containers
  • Container Management
  • Building from a Dockerfile
  • Working with Registries
  • Diving Deeper with Dockerfile
  • Docker Networking
  • Amazon S3 Website Hosting
  • Configuring Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)
  • Configuring Auto Scaling
  • Configuring Route 53
  • Working with Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch and Trusted Advisor
  • RDS HA and Load Sharing
  • Understanding Backup Options
  • Sounding the Alarm with IAM and Cloudwatch
  • Getting Inside the Virtual Machine with EC2 and VPC
  • Hosting All the Things with S3
  • Securing Access to S3 Object Storage
  • Securing Content Access with CloudFront
  • A Tale of Two Databases with DynamoDB and RDS
  • Automating Your App with Elastic Beanstalk and CloudFormation
  • Speeding Up with CloudFront and ElastiCache
  • Getting Started with CloudWatch
  • Monitoring with Custom CloudWatch Metrics
  • Creating CloudWatch Alarms
  • Monitoring API Calls with CloudTrail
  • Monitoring Log Files with CloudWatch
  • Working with CloudWatch Events
  • Problems That DevOps Solves
  • Making a DevOps Transition
  • Introducing DevOps Automation
  • Architecting for High Availability and Scalability
  • Understanding Auto Scaling
  • Implementing Scalable and Highly Available Databases
  • Deploying a Highly Available and Elastic Architecture
  • Understanding AWS Security Best Practices
  • Implementing Delegation and Federation
  • Protecting Data In-flight and at Rest
  • Enabling IT Governance with AWS Services